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Sharing Pseudoscientifical Ideas

“The unexamined life is not worth living” – Socrates

My journey began when I unplugged myself from 35 years of slavery to faith based religious dogma (Abrahamic Death Cult). It took approximately 7 more years before I began to find my path which was in 2008. I was 42 years old. If you are a Hitchhiker’s Guide fan, you’ll understand why this number is rather significant to me.

Being born, raised (brainwashed) and baptised in this Abrahamic Death Cult for the first 35 years of my life, this new found freedom was difficult at first. I had to come to grips with not worshiping the god I dedicated my life to and the ramifications, being death. This god was cruel, misogynistic, bipolar, shellfish, full of hate, jealous, and greedy. It’s no wonder mankind suffers from these things if we really were created in that god’s image!

I could not go to another religion as I just spent the first half of my life learning, from multiple “holy books”, the bible and the various versions or translations, why EVERYONE ELSE IS WRONG and why the cult I was in was the only correct religion. I finally told that god “kill me, burn me in hell or whatever your cruelness decides. I will no longer worship you.” I cursed that god and now I will die.

I came to peace with my decision and my fate and that’s when things got interesting. My early contemplations on the matter did not start making sense till I redefined some words and concepts starting with God and God’s word. This was the cornerstone of everything else.

While I feel I have awoke from years of sleepwalking in a faith based stupor and I can now see the path I am on, I know I am still waking. My journey is far from over. Every new turn and twist on my path brings me to an exciting new topic.

The first version of this blog was started in 2012. “Hypothetical Excogitation 1.0”. It’s writing was based upon 7 years of notes. I cover a range of topics which to some might seem contradictory. I tried to arrange these in the order of discovery. One thing lead to another in a way I did not expect. I suddenly found myself interested in topics that I never dreamed I would be and upon a path I would have never imagined.

2016 I find that I have grown past my original writings. Now is the time for a complete rewrite, version 2.0. I have compiled my first blog writings into pdf and book form, labeled version 1.0. I am “archiving” in this method mainly for my own benefit but also because of how I feel about digital media versus a printed book. It will take some time for me to get version 2.0 completed. So much to say and so little time.

Well, now the question arises, “why share these crazy ideas with the world”? “The world will only hate you and ridicule you”.

First, growing up in the cult I did, I am used to this position.

Second, as weird as this sounds, I feel I was “commissioned” to do so. During my very early meditations/contemplations I received the impression that I was to help others by writing something of a spiritual nature and to this day still feel the draw to do so even though I am no writer and believe no publisher would ever consider adding me to their works. What I am currently writing about may ultimately not be what I am to write.

Third, I believe to get the change the world needs each one of us needs to change our thinking and start thinking for ourselves by following our heart. We need to understand the subjectivity of life and due to this, know we each have a Path or Journey of our own to follow. We need to have the freedom to do so and allow others the same. The pseudoscientifical ideas I am sharing opened my mind to a different way to think, live and interact with the world. It has taught me to start thinking for myself, to follow my heart. It is my hope, NOT to proselytize and make converts, but that what I am sharing will encourage others to examine where they are at in their own journey.

Is your journey of your own accord or another’s? Are you just parroting what another taught or are you following what feels right to you (following your heart)? Is your journey based upon fear or love? Does your journey give you the appearance of authority to hurt others or does it lead you to love and tolerance of others? Has your journey so far taken you to personal responsibility or do you pass this off to an imaginary force, essentially blaming someone or something else and not taking responsibility for your own actions? These are question only you can answer.

To those that find my blog and browse through these pseudoscientifical ideas, I want to sincerely Thank You for your time. It is my hope that you found this enjoyable to read or at least thought provoking and somehow aid in your own spiritual journey.

Thank you.  Blessed be.

Peace, Love and Light

Frater Ajaashb