A Small Problem With Wiki

Well, I do enjoy reading DONALD MICHAEL KRAIG‘s Blog at Llewellyn Worldwide.  This time he is pointing out something I and many others are guilty of…Using Wikipedia as a source for information.

What is wrong with that you might say?

WIKIPEDIA MAKES NO GUARANTEE OF VALIDITY, that’s what is wrong!  Check out Mr. Kraig’s post “Wikipedia’s Dirty Little Secret“.  Because “Wikipedia is an online open-content collaborative encyclopedia”, it is put together, added to, modified and edited by anyone with an internet connection with out a formal peer review, inaccurate information can easily be put in place whether on purpose or accident.  Just how many of us really have the time to at least use the source info on the bottom of the page to confirm the validity of what we are reading?  After all this is why we are looking at Wikipedia!  So we don’t have to confirm that since it appears to already have been done!

Because of user input such as this, Mr. Kraig has pointed out, someone is using this to get pages dealing with pagan subjects deleted!  Besides possible inaccurate information now we can erase people and subjects out of existance?  This kind of behavior reminds me of the societies through out time that felt it best to destroy the history of the occupiers before them.  We see this going on today in the Middle East.  But now I digress.

To sum this up, be careful with what and whom your source of information is.

Frater Ajaashb