Mysticism or Magic, Part 2

Well, this morning has been interesting already!

I like reading both David Griffin and Donald Michael Kraig.  I check both blogs almost every day.

First I read this:

Then I read this:

Rather interesting.  Frankly I agree with both.  If DMK’s books and writing come from a more mystical point of view, I believe that is why I like his writing, as I came from a mystical background of Religious Christianity.  His writing style and subject matter is presented in a manner that I am comfortable with and can easily digest.  DMK got me going along the path I am on now.  Now I am fine tuning with additional sources that I may not have initially be open to.

I have to Thank Donald Michael Kraig for that guidance (push) to continue along my path.  Thank You!

I hope you enjoy the above read.

Peace, Love and Light