Tarot Spreads

Tarot Spreads – There is too many of them!

I want simplicity like the 3 card past, present and future.  But I want more meaning than just that.

There are now two spreads that I really like and for me, so far, are working out well.  I want to share these with you.  The first one I found is in Donald Michael Kraig’s book “Modern Magick“.  The spread is called the “The Split Hexagram Spread”.  The second one I found here.  This spread is called the “The Cross & Triangle Spread”.  I am really liking this one including the call for help from HRU.

With both spreads you only use the Major Arcana (22 cards).  As a beginner it is recommended to use on the upright meanings of the cards, and since that is still where I am at with tarot…That is what I am doing.  I may just stay with upright meanings for sometime.  These spreads have been making personal reading rather enjoyable now.

Now the Hru thing.  I have been around tarot for only 2 years approximately and looked at many web sites and have read several books but The Cross & Triangle Spread is the first time I have seen invoking Hru.  There is very little on the net about this.  I have only started this but the results seem way better than before.  I find this rather exciting.

There is another spread that looks interesting but I have not really explored yet.  It is the “Underworld Spread” from Kim Huggens found in her book “Tarot 101: Mastering the Art of Reading the Cards“.

There is also a new product that looks like a lot of fun and help too.  “The Deck of 1000 Spreads“.  To see some ways of using it, see Barbara Moore’s Blog HERE and HERE.  Instead of a new deck, I think I will get this.