Musical Talismans

This is an idea I have been working with since I have been writing music starting back in 2007.  It has finally come to fruition today with my first musical talisman called Feeling Good to be Happy.

It took awhile for my knowledge both musical and spiritual to get to where I felt comfortable creating these musical talismans.  I have found I have more fun composing short bits of music verses a 3 to 6 minute songs.

Due to the nature of my musical abilities and the simplistic equipment I have, my sound has always been kind of childish and repetitious.  Considering the nature of the subconscious I believe this sound is very fitting for what I am trying to accomplish.

Below is my first song.  For more information see my page Musical Talismans.  Soon I will have these available as a free download.

Thank you for stopping by.  I hope you find these talismans helpful.

Peace, Love and Light