Hiding in plain sight

I was thinking about this the last few days.  Why do most people that blog about magick (including myself) hide who they are? Are we embarrassed about our beliefs?

Being a conspiracy theorist I already understand the ridicule we receive for our beliefs.  Coming from a certain type of Christianity I fully understand why one would want to hide.

Then I find this blog:  Personal Inquisition?

The Inquisition is not over, it is just handled differently.  Ostracizing is now done by family, friends, employers and co-workers.  No longer burned at the stake or tortured to death.  No, nothing that quick.  Now it is mental.  It is mean, insidious and just plain mentally cruel.

One of the 4 pillars of Franz Bardon’s Solomons’ Temple (knowledge, courage, volition, and silence) comes to mind:  Silence!

What I find funny is that I am surrounded by Christians of various faiths and Materialist Fundamentalists (scientific atheist/agnostic types).  When the Christians find out how much I detest religion they get really concerned for my life and want to change me or not be my friend.  They automatically think I am an atheist.  When I say  I am not religious but spiritual and I do believe in “God” they calm down and every thing is cool.  When the Materialist Fundamentalist find out I am spiritual and believe in “God” they try to convince me that I am fooling myself and am a complete religious idiot.  When I explain what my feelings are on the God subject, they calm down.  I don’t dare go any further!

I think it sucks that in this day, at least in America, we are “free” to be as we are as long as we do not hurt others, but …. I can’t.  I have to hide in plain site.

I hope you enjoyed Frater VL’s post.

Peace, Love and Light!