War of the Leaders

Well…I imagine that many of you are familiar with the war of words going on between several of the Golden Dawn leaders.  I have not been interested in GD long enough to understand what is going on or to even pass some sort of personal judgement.  This is exactly why I don’t want to join a Golden Dawn order yet.  I find all this kind of infantile.

Now I found a little skirmish in a place I never thought I would.  It is an old post from about 2011.  It is between Michael Sharp of the Lightning Path and a someone that seems to support Thelema.

I like Michael’s writing style, his books, the way he operates LP.  I think he truly cares about humanity.  I am not there now because I found a discrepancy in the writing and NO ONE would offer an explanation for it when I asked, they just ignored what I asked (I never tried to ask Michael Sharp).  It felt like I was getting back into religion which uses those tactics and that is NOT what I want.  It started to not feel right for me personally.  I do acknowledge LP was influential in my spiritual journey.  (edit:  I highly recommend to anyone starting out on their spiritual journey especially after unplugging from religion to look into LP, The Lightning Path)

I am going to digress a bit here:  If you have not seen the Halo/Sharp Tarot cards you really should check them out and the concept behind them.  I think the idea is very unique.  I have the cards.  They are beautiful.  But for me, they are mostly cold and offer little meaning to me as I look at them.  This could be my fault as I am still a beginner with tarot and my path is still before me.  I do better with a traditional styled tarot deck.

But back to the little skirmish I found.  Check it out:  “Aleister Crowley is a Mushroom“.  Pretty bold statement.  Interesting.  From what little I know about Crowley Michael Sharp’s assessment of Aleister Crowley is probably spot on.  The impression I have gotten so far about Crowley is that even though he was a trouble person he wanted to help others better themselves.  This is why he broke an oath and shared the GD material with the world.  This is why Thelema is here.  At least that is my impression, right or wrong.

We are all entitled to our opinions and we are fully free to express these on our own forums too.  What really shocked me with this particular post and replies was this seemed out of character for Michael Sharp.  No, I do not know him personally to say this, it is just after reading every thing I could buy or download written by Michael Sharp I expected more of an informative post without the “attacks” against a dead guy and someone that supports what the dead guy started.  I thought I was reading a Golden Dawn blog for a second.  It was becoming just as infantile feeling.  Ego seems to have taken over.

The response from Michael Sharp only makes me want to learn more about Thelema and Aleister Crowley!  Which I believe would be the opposite of what he was trying to do with that post.

I still enjoy looking through Michael Sharp’s website.  I like seeing how far he has come with the LP.  Heck, I look through the various Golden Dawn websites and blogs too.

But damn guys!  All these types of arguments only serve to detract from the good you are accomplishing in this world.  Humanity thirsts for spiritual knowledge, we have grow tired of the sludge that religion has been serving us all these centuries.  This stuff just alienates and pushes true seekers away.

So much energy is being wasted with these wars of words.  Can’t we just agree to disagree and get on with it?

Peace, Love and Light!


2 thoughts on “War of the Leaders

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    1. My humblest apologies to you Michael. I never intended to hurt nor speak badly of you or imply things you are not. I also want to Thank You for the time I took you from your work and for the timeliness of your post/response as you bring up a couple of things that have been weighing on my mind. It still amazes me, the workings of the Universe.

      Please, follow and read Michael Sharp’s response.

      I, unfortunately, never have met Michael Sharp in person. As I began my path, Michael Sharp’s writing completely stood out from the rest of what I was looking at. His writing, at least to me, is down to earth, easy to read, reasonable, approachable and inviting. He was willing to give away his work to those that could not afford it. Hell, that was a first for me as it seems many are trying to monetize their message (which is a whole new subject I won’t get into here). So I built up a picture of him in my mind based on my reading, which I admit stopped at a point as I went on in a different path. I am truly sorry to pigeon hole you in a position that makes your job harder…point well taken. The picture I had of Michael just made that post about Crowley seem out of character. Again, my apologies.

      Lately I have been lamenting the fact that people don’t confront others for their gross actions. However, my gripe has been regarding customers not others in the spiritual/religious sense. When one is never confronted for their strange/gross/inhuman actions….the one will never learn nor realize they may have done wrong, neither will their followers if they have any.

      This leads to the other question: How do you show respect for others beliefs when their beliefs tell them to hurt, abuse or kill me because I believe different or ones doctrines come from a “bent mind”?

      I think I said enough. Again, my apologies and Thanks to Michael Sharp.

      May I learn to be a better driver of my physical unit.

      Peace, Love and Light

      Frater Ajaashb

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