Golden Dawn

Well, I have not looked at DMK’s blog at Llewellyn for some time till I read Nick Farrell’s blog post “The Golden Dawn is not a bunch of Nazis“.

As a retaliative new comer to this subject matter I want to add my 2 cents.  I agree with Donald and Nick.  See his post “A Call to Leaders of the Golden Dawn“.  I started researching the Hermetic Golden Dawn several years ago.  All the Google searches I did always led me to the magick groups.  The only other thing Golden Dawn reminded me of was Jehovah’s Witnesses.  I think Sparlock is their best creation by the way, but now I digress.

It was not until I started this blog and used the term “Golden Dawn” in the WordPress Reader did I find this Greek neo-nazi group.  Boy, was I surprised!!  I just hope as the NSA watches me they realize what I am really looking for, magick, not hate.

To avoid confusion I can fully understand an order name change.  If not, at least say something, speak out about the name being used.  Let the light seekers know there is a difference……although, this could actually act as a blind and separate the true seekers from the ones that really are not interested…

Check out the links.  What do you think?

Peace, Love and Light!