Action Reaction

Recent weeks I have had a lot of fun thinking about what I am sharing below.  It has been an interesting mind exercise.  I hope you enjoy the thought as much as I do.


For every action there is a reaction.  This, I believe, is the underlining principle for Karma, at least my westerner understanding of Karma.

With my personal view of what “God” is and this action-reaction principle, life itself is a reaction.  The All is a reaction.

What I find interesting if you modify this principle with Newton’s Third Law of Motion:  “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” and the All being a reaction, just what was equal and opposite of the ALL?

The All is not good nor bad.  It does not hate nor love.  It does not show prejudice nor favoritism.  It is not male nor female.  The All … it just IS.  Because of this one could say the All is perfect.

Chaos comes to mind but the All is not chaotic for the way it interacts with itself, the Laws of Nature, is consistent, at least by our limited understanding of Nature.

If Newton’s third law holds true to the All’s creation, was our creation the resulting reaction to chaos?

This definitely can lead to deeper questions and ideas.  Hope this makes you think a bit.