Occult Symbols in Pop Music – Blog post on Llewellyn

Donald Tyson wrote a guest blog post over on  Llewellyn’s Magic Blog about the occult symbols being used by a handful of pop music artists.  This practice has generated quite a buzz on conspiracy and religious forums and blogs.  I frequent ATS a lot and this stuff pops up all the time.

Is it the NWO or the Illuminati brainwashing us with satanic images and rituals so we will accept a one world government and/or one world religion?  Or is it just someone trying to find a new gimmick to sell albums?

His comments are interesting.  It kind of makes me wish someone from the occult side would go more in depth on this subject.  But then the ones that really need to read it already have their minds made up so…..maybe a waste of time….

I hope you enjoy the post.  Peace, Love and Light

Occult Symbols in Pop Music