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It Happened to Me: I Grew Up as a Jehovah’s Witness

If you have no idea, then you need to read this. When they knock on your door, do not listen. It is poison! There are a lot more problems it causes that are not even mentioned!!

Lunatic Faith

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How Can We Be Caged When I Feel So Free

Saw this a few days ago.  I thought this part was fascinating.  And NO, I personally don’t really feel free, but I know a lot of you do.  You can vote, travel anywhere in the USA and abroad, you can buy what you want, you have your smart phones, computers, televisions and you can watch what ever you want but are drawn to dancing with the stars, america’s got talent, honey boo boo, and other mind numbing “reality” shows.  Think your free?  Read on:

And if we are like caged rats, then what is the nature of these cages, and what would a society look like that was a “rat park” for human beings? Here are some ways to put a human being in a cage:

1. Remove as much as possible all opportunities for meaningful self-expression and service. Instead, coerce people into dead-end labor just to pay the bills and service the debts. Seduce others into living off such labor of others.

2. Cut people off from nature and from place. At most let nature be a spectacle or venue for recreation, but remove any real intimacy with the land. Source food and medicine from thousands of miles away.

3. Move life – especially children’s lives – indoors. Let as many sounds as possible be manufactured sounds, and as many sights be virtual sights.

4. Destroy community bonds by casting people into a society of strangers, in which you don’t rely on and needn’t even know by name the people living around you.

5. Create constant survival anxiety by making survival depend on money, and then making money artificially scarce. Administer a money system in which there is always more debt than there is money.

6. Divide the world up into property, and confine people to spaces that they own or pay to occupy.

7. Replace the infinite variety of the natural and artisanal world, where every object is unique, with the sameness of commodity goods.

8. Reduce the intimate realm of social interaction to the nuclear family and put that family in a box. Destroy the tribe, the village, the clan, and the extended family as a functioning social unit.

9. Make children stay indoors in age-segregated classrooms in a competitive environment where they are conditioned to perform tasks that they don’t really care about or want to do, for the sake of external rewards.

10. Destroy the local stories and relationships that build identity, and replace them with celebrity news, sports team identification, brand identification, and world views imposed by authority.

11. Delegitimize or illegalize folk knowledge of how to heal and care for one another, and replace it with the paradigm of the “patient” dependent on medical authorities for health.

Interesting?  No?  Here is the Blue Pill for you, enjoy!

Interesting?  Yes?  Here is the link to the article:  Addictions as a Form of Enslavement: the Bruce Alexander Experiments on Rats

Very interesting article.

Peace, Love and Light!!



Donald Michael Kraig

22 hours ago Holly Allender Kraig posted an update on that Donald Michael Kraig passed on 3/17/2014.

My sympathies to the family.

His voice will be missed in the occult community.

His writing style, attitude and approach to magick is what set me on my current path.  I never dreamed I would go here and sincerely that him for the gentle push.

Even with such a loss to a family, there are still medical bills and funeral expenses.  Please visit and give some help.

Thank you!

Peace, Love and Light

Occult Symbols in Pop Music – Blog post on Llewellyn

Donald Tyson wrote a guest blog post over on  Llewellyn’s Magic Blog about the occult symbols being used by a handful of pop music artists.  This practice has generated quite a buzz on conspiracy and religious forums and blogs.  I frequent ATS a lot and this stuff pops up all the time.

Is it the NWO or the Illuminati brainwashing us with satanic images and rituals so we will accept a one world government and/or one world religion?  Or is it just someone trying to find a new gimmick to sell albums?

His comments are interesting.  It kind of makes me wish someone from the occult side would go more in depth on this subject.  But then the ones that really need to read it already have their minds made up so…..maybe a waste of time….

I hope you enjoy the post.  Peace, Love and Light

Occult Symbols in Pop Music

Help Needed

I just want to pass this on to any and everyone.

Donald Michael Kraig – Medical Expenses

Donald Michael Kraig has stage 4 pancreatic cancer.  Some help is need with medical expenses.  Please visit the above link, help out and give some support.

In case you don’t know, Donald is an author and acquisitions editor (I believe) at Llewellyn.  His book, Modern Magick – Twelve Lessons in the High Magickal Arts turns out to be one of my favorites and the book that really helped me in my path.

If you can please help out.

Peace, Love and Light

7 Rip-Offs Corporations and the Wealthy Don’t Want You to Know About

This is horrible… What more can you say?
Hang in there humanity…
Peace, love and light - by F. Kaskais

There’s no limit to corporations’ ability to draw profit while screwing over Americans.

Tax-avoiding, consumer-exploiting big business leaders are largely responsible for these abuses. Congress just lets it happen. Corporate heads and members of Congress seem incapable of relating to the people that are being victimized, and the mainstream media seems to have lost the ability to express the views of lower-income Americans.

1. Corporations Profit from Food Stamps

It’s odd to think about billion-dollar financial institutions objecting to cuts in the SNAP program, but some of them are administrators of the program, collecting fees from a benefit meant for children and other needy Americans, and enjoying subsidies of state tax money for services that could be performed by the states themselves. They want more people on food stamps, not less. Three corporations have cornered the market: JP Morgan, Xerox, and eFunds Corp.

According to a JP Morgan…

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Action Reaction

Recent weeks I have had a lot of fun thinking about what I am sharing below.  It has been an interesting mind exercise.  I hope you enjoy the thought as much as I do.


For every action there is a reaction.  This, I believe, is the underlining principle for Karma, at least my westerner understanding of Karma.

With my personal view of what “God” is and this action-reaction principle, life itself is a reaction.  The All is a reaction.

What I find interesting if you modify this principle with Newton’s Third Law of Motion:  “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” and the All being a reaction, just what was equal and opposite of the ALL?

The All is not good nor bad.  It does not hate nor love.  It does not show prejudice nor favoritism.  It is not male nor female.  The All … it just IS.  Because of this one could say the All is perfect.

Chaos comes to mind but the All is not chaotic for the way it interacts with itself, the Laws of Nature, is consistent, at least by our limited understanding of Nature.

If Newton’s third law holds true to the All’s creation, was our creation the resulting reaction to chaos?

This definitely can lead to deeper questions and ideas.  Hope this makes you think a bit.