A Picture with Many Meanings


I can’t stop looking at this picture.  The little blue dot is earth.  This isn’t even taken from outside our solar system…and we look so small and even … alone.

When I look at this picture I think about my faithful religious days and how this would strengthen my faith…”Look how small and yet God and Jesus care so much for us”.

Now, besides the wondrous beauty of this picture, I say “Really?  I think my personal problems are so great…but, Really?  Are they?”  Just how small are my problems?  This actually makes me smile and see my problems in a different light and importance.

I could see an atheist or a materialist fundamentalist say “look how small we really are in the universe and millions actually think their God would make so much a fuss over us?”

This picture puts humanity into an interesting perspective.  Our size and place in the universe.  That is OUR HOME we are looking at.  Far as I can tell, we are stuck here.  Why so much hate for one another?  Why misuse our resources and pollute our ONLY home?

If you think about it, most of our hate comes from inherent and subjective differences.  These are things we should not hate each other for.  Religious, governmental and business entities in our society have been allowed so much power over humanity that we are kept at odds with each other over “boarders” if you will.  Physical and metal boarders of location, religion, spirituality or lack of, color, creed, social status, wealth, health, age, education, sex, sexual preference, height, weight, skill, likes and dislikes, etc.  This list goes on and on and on.  I am on one side, you on the other and for some reason we have been condition to hate each other for something that is natural.  It is time for humanity to recognize this and begin to change.  Letting go of something that has been ingrained into us for centuries…I am trying.  I still find it creeping into my life, but this is the way the system works.

Pollution.  Whether you believe in the global warming stuff or not, fact is, we have pollution that we are causing.  I personally see this as an indication that we are not using our resources wisely.  It seems as long as someone or some corporation needs to “profit”, I don’t see us fixing our pollution problem very soon.  Unfortunately it seems the best we can do is to work with what we have been allowed with in our own finances.

See that little blue dot in the picture?  Where else are we going to go?  Lets start getting along with each other and lets start using our resources wisely.

I hope you enjoy this picture as much as I do.

Peace, Love and Light!