The LWB in Tarot

I really don’t have much to say in this post but to point out some interesting links.

I am really a noob!  At least I can still learn.  3 new things I just learned:

  1. LWB = Little White Book.  These are the little books that come with a tarot deck that give a very brief explanation of the cards.
  2. The Happy Squirrel Card = From The Simpson’s, Episode 2F15, “Lisa’s Wedding”, Written by Greg Daniels, Directed by Jim Reardon.  Some tarot decks are including this now.  See Mibramig Magical Tarot
  3. The High Priestess Tarot Card = From the 1st comment in this blog post by Val, “discovered a new key phrase for the High Priestess: uncommon knowledge.”  I don’t recall coming accross a meaning like that for this card.

I also found a new blog to read through, Esoteric School of Shamanism and Magic Blog

I found this today at DONALD MICHAEL KRAIG’s blog at Llewellyn.  His current post is “Throw Out the LWB?

His writing style imparts knowledge and opinion with out the insistence of being the only one that is “correct”, yet he maintains authority as a teacher.   He understands that we are all individuals…. Geezzz, I hope that made sense….. but on to the important part.

Another blogger made a statement that the LWB should be tossed out, which I almost agree with.  So little information is contained in the LWB.  DMK makes a great case for not doing so and to have the LWB be a way to understand your particular deck and to back up that with other books on the tarot.

I must admit, starting out with tarot can be very confusing.  There are SO MANY opinions on the subject, including your own!  DMK’s Modern Magic has some very good info on the tarot as well as Tarot 101 – Mastering the Art of Reading the Cards By: Kim Huggens, also keep an eye on Barbara Moore’s blog at Llewellyn.